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I just wrote my mom an email that said:

You are an amazing parent.

I wonder what the world would be like if everyone were raised by
people like you.

I love you.

What prompted it?

Rewind a bit to lunch yesterday with my mom.
She is so damn cool. So full of love.
She told me that while she doesnít approve of my path, she loves me, and loves who I am.

She didnít say it with any condemnation, thoughÖmore like saying she didnít like my haircut.

She asked me if I thought about having children ever?
And asked what my soon-to-be-born niece/nephew will be told about Uncle John.
And she expressed that she would be upset if my life affected my fatherís career.

They were good questions and concerns.

And a bit of a blow to consider.

See, I believe the world needs help.
In every aspect. The environment, political corruption, poverty, war, terrorism, etc. etc. etc.
And I think we need warriors in every battle of the war.

For most areas, Iím not very well suited. Iím not the most eco-conscious person. I donít meditate or have spiritual discipline, I donít follow politics much.

But I do have the experiences and opportunities to fight sexual repression. Which, to me, is a much bigger issue than most give credit. How much of the last presidential election was decided based on sexual morality issues? How much low self esteem stems from sexual issues?

So, the problem comes hereÖ
When you go into any battle, it can get uglyÖ
And it can become very uncomfortable.
And it can be extremely unpleasant to your family.

Is that reason to lay down your arms and give up the fight?

I donít know.

I guess it depends on how you feel about the war.

A man who kills another man in his nationís war is a hero.
But a man who kisses another man as part of a morality war is a disgrace.

I came home from lunch distraught. But opened my email to find a love-filled email filled with thanks and praise for Globalgasm and itís affect on her relationship and life. It ended,

ďThank you for the wonderful work you are doing, the wonderful love you are
spreading, resulting in the powerful healing. For me when I first discovered
you, and now my lover.Ē

I forwarded the email to my mom, with a note explaining my quandry.

She replied

Thank you. I DO believe you make a difference and that you've touched many
people's lives in a very positive way.
I think [he/she] will think it's cool to have an uncle with pink hair who will
get on the floor and play.
I love you,

Which brings us back to where we started.

To a wonderful mother, full of love and acceptance.
And a head left wondering what the world could be like.

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