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"How "

A young woman sent me a message asking about my lifestyle and sense of freedom. They wrote, “How did you get to where you are?”

I’m reposting my rambling reply:


It took me a while to get here. And I still feel like I've just begun.

Burning Man helped me a lot. Being amongst so many free people for a week helped my mind shift. After several years of the event, I asked myself, why don’t I act more like this year round? Fear? Judgment (by people who's judgment means nothing to me)?

So I started to dress crazy every day. (much wilder than I do now) I went through crazy hair styles and made sure I was hard to miss. It was a way of forcing myself to live actively. You can’t be a wall-flower when your head looks like a traffic cone.


I know that if I meet each decision with "Am I making this choice from a place of love? or fear?" that I can pretty much always find my way.

All I really try to do is be a more loving person. And then, if anyone has a problem with me, it usually is a projection of something they need to work out.
I'm happy to provide them the opportunity for growth, but I certainly don't take it personally.

Finally, I try to only spend time with people who have similar world views: positive thinking, loving, creative people.

And I continue to work on those things in myself, too.


The truth is that we are raised to believe that world is a certain way. It is not. And the adventure of living is finding out what possible ways of living ARE there? And which ones feel right to me. The hardest part is stripping away the socialized attitude of ‘the way things should be.’

i.e. make your goal be the FEELING of abundance...instead of wealth.

make the goal be HAPPINESS, not what you visualize happiness to look like (married with a nice house, etc.)

Happiness could be a life that - visually - looks like something we've been trained to look down on.

...hehe.. rambling again.




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