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"Grandpa "

Grandpa is dying.
Not quickly. Not painfully. But he knows it. He has no energy and has increasing trouble breathing.
He is 94. His FIRST heart bypass surgery was 18 years ago.
He rejoices in every day…but he knows those days are few.

He has finished his “Farewell Tour,” visiting all the parishes he has preached at over his life. He has gone through all his things and given away most things of value. All the kids and grandkids got a packet of pictures and papers last Xmas. He just had a “gallery exhibition” in his retirement community featuring the memories of his life (which, by the way, is a sublime idea: to display your life as a work of art.)

I have been shooting tons of video over the last couple years. For myself. For my family. And for the great grandkids unborn or too young to appreciate him right now. Maybe my own children if I have any.

I started having lunch with him once a week after my grandma died. I became his weekly computer tutor and eventually co-podcaster.

He showed me a depth of peace and love that will shape me forever.

I hope that these little videos I’ve made will pass on some of that peace-filled wisdom.

In that spirit, here’s a 10 minute video from this week’s bittersweet lunch:

With love and awe,
-John Halcyon

If you have the time and inkling, send him an email with your name and where you are from. Just say hello, ask a question, or say you liked his words. He may be reading email for a long time still…but I’m not sure. Caleb AT

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