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"silly "

response to criticism

Lots of people dedicate their lives to paths that other people find silly.

I'm glad you know your path. Good luck with it!

We clearly have different concepts of spirituality and god. As long as you don't persecute me for my truth, then I think we're all good. I'm just trying to follow the impulses of truth that I recieve. Then trying to make decisions based on love (instead of fear.)

I believe that life should be dedicated to fighting darkness or spreading light. I personally feel that promoting positive sexuality and connections is spreading light. But, feel free to consider my path "silly." No path is perfect for all people.

And remember who pissed Jesus off the most. Not the perverts or freaks...but the rich and pious.

I don't think god is an entity, but the sum of all life force energy. Therefore "crowd mentality" can have significant power. See

Again, NOT trying to persuade you AT ALL. Live your truth.


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