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"ill "

My body is a confusing little package right now.

I look good.

I donít say that to brag, itís the truth.

I am leaner than Iíve been in a while. I have a tan. My muscles are toned.

Most importantly, my hip flexors are kickiní. (Those hip lines that Brad Pitt and Michelangeloís David have.)

My complexion is even being kind to me.

But beneath the surface, itís a different story.

My lower back is injured. Definitely healing, but I would put ďDrivingĒ and ďtaking out the trashĒ as about as physical as I can go right now. To give you an idea of the severity of the injury, Iíve even had to take a hiatus from masturbating.

(Of course, I think I *got* this injury indirectly from too much body-rockiní sex. But that is a story for another day.)

Iím also battling a respiratory infection.

Iíve been coughing pretty good for a weeks.

A cough is an unusual illness. I can feel 100% in every other way, but still have a gnarly cough. No other symptoms, just body-shaking phlegm fits every once in a while.

Occasionally a coughing fit can be very satisfying.

Like a huge sneeze.

Or an orgasm.

When the chest and throat spasms result in an ejaculation of some horrendous mucus-based crud, I canít deny that it feels good.

Itís ironic that while I am curtailing my penile ejaculations, my repiratory spewing has increased. Itís as if my body simply must dispel body fluids one way or another. I wonder what will happen if the antibiotics kill this cough?

Profuse, projectile perspiration?

Trajectory streaming tears?

Or will blood shoot from my eyes like a horny toad?

Hopefully by them my back will be better and I can just start jerking off againÖ Ďcause Iím guessing semen cleans off the sheets much easier than eye blood.

At least I *look* good.

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