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This was written in response to some comments about my recent posts on the war.

I can never justify torture.

No matter what circumstances prompt it. It is still shameful.

Do I understand how circumstances would cause people could do such a thing? Most definitely.

But torture is wrong.



I was a psychologist for severely emotionally disturbed 6-12 year old boys for 2 years. During that time, certain boys would attack me regularly.

They would throw their toys or try to stab me with forks....that type of thing.

A huge part of the job was showing these kids you would love them no matter what. That acting out wouldn’t cause you to hate them or hurt them or abandon them.

And I was pretty good at it.

I think I made a difference.

But sometimes my righteous intentions were clouded.

For example, no matter how much love was in my heart, I couldn’t help but be consumed by anger when a kid would spit in my face.

It ignited something reptilian in me.

Did I ever hit a child? No.

Did I ever restrain a child with more strength than necessary while in a spit-induced rage?

Yes. Never hurting...just establishing superior physical strength.

My actions were wrong. My anger should not have been expressed that way.

Since I had the role of educator and counselor, aggression was the wrong response.

Understandable considering the circumstances? Yes.

But wrong. And, shameful in the role of "teacher of positive behavior."


Note: I am not critiquing our soldiers. I am critical of the actions of certain soldiers and regretful of the impact that those actions have in the grand scheme of global protection.


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