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"forgiveness "

In response to another thread:

You are right about the forgiveness.

I suppose I'm overly focussed on Jenna because these types of acts of deceit online are so detrimental to my work/passion/art.

I work so hard to show that the internet is a very real tool of love and connection. I see it's potential as a powerful spiritual tool. But, perhaps I should let go of this dream for the web.

Because until we find ways to make "Jennas" less prevalent, the majority of people will never trust the Web. Online "friends" will always seem a bit silly.

Which is why I spend so much energy on Jenna (and did on Kaycee).

It really *does* bother me that this type of spiritual vandalism is happening. If there is a war of good against evil, then "liars for sport" are on the enemy's team.

Can I forgive her while also working on ways to stop her from doing it again? (Does forgiving a prisoner mean letting them out of prison?)

I'm struggling to understand Jenna and her type.

I have negative feelings towards the "Jenna" character, but not the poor soul who lives behind it. I feel love for her. I wish I had a sense of who "she" was. I only have the words of fiction given to me.

Obviously there are emotional issues. But she refuses to speak to me. Well, "Jenna" will spin me all sorts of tales. But the woman who creates this world of lies refused to let me connect with her. Until she stops writing fiction about who she is, its wasteful to engage her.

So my attention goes to the myself and the people who watched me walk the path getting close to Jenna. Almost in "damage control" mode out of some post-crisis instinct.

But you're right. I should focus on the problems she helps illustrate, not her. She needs love. She needs the very thing I'm trying to give her.

Maybe there is hope after all.


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