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"911 "

Today is a big day. Big thoughts flow through the collective consciousness.

Deep thoughts are being pondered all over. Deep feelings.

The human experience is about days like today.

The lemming culture doesn't mourn their past genocides.

The antelope doesn't create art in honor of fallen brothers.

It is the human...the big brained ape...who feels collective loss.

It is this gift/curse of consciousness that makes today special.

It is "awareness" that makes the tears flow.

What a gift...even to hurt.

What a be able to feel.

It is at times unbearable. Too tragic. Too grand. Too mysterious.

It is simply too much to bear.

How can we continue to sing and cry without an answer to "What?" or "why?"

Sit with this. Be.

Look into my own eyes in the mirror.

Oh, grand miracle of my existence...

THANK YOU for this.

Thank you for this awareness.

Thank you for infinite vision...the opposite of nothing.

The opposite of a vacuum.

Sitting in this shadow, It may feel cold.

It may appear dark.

But we should not fear.

Float like a jellyfish

Grow like a tree

Maybe float is inaccurate.

"steer less" is the mantra.

No, simply strive to be aware of the current.

Swim *with* the current.

It is at the speed of the cosmic river that miracles occur. Or rather that the universe flows as it is intended to. The *rightness* of which appears impossible to us. Miraculous, even.


The birds will sing no special songs today.

The trees will shed no extra leaves.

The universe will rumble on.

The tides will cycle as perfectly as they always have.

A million creatures of the sea will be devoured. A million cells on my body will die.

And all will be perfect.

As perfect as a child's smile.

As perfect as a rainstorm.

As perfect as birth and death.

As perfect as love.


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