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"Beautiful Glass "

Just back form lunch with Grandpa. Man, he is awesome.

Sure, he's old and has a beaten up body and mind. He forgets. He can't hear well. His left eye is mostly blind. If you haven't been following my journal, he also lost his wife of 63 years 2 weeks ago.

But he continually notices his blessings. He marvels at how exquisite his cafeteria meals are. He never stops noticing the ocean view. Instead of telling me that he was forced to use a public transit service, he shared his adventure on the remarkable shuttle.

He took a disabled shuttle van to pick up his medication yesterday. He went to the young woman pharmacist and said, "My wife recently changed her residence to Heaven...I was wondering if you could help me find a few things."

(I smiled with joy when he told the story to me. But I broke down in tears as I wrote it here.)

He shares his lonliness without any dispair in his voice. He talks of hearing his wife's voice constantly. Reminding (nagging?) him constantly like she has for 60 years. He would think of something he wanted to share with her, then become aware that it would do no good to share aloud. He shares it mentally with her...Confident that she can still hear him, too.

We now have a standing Thursday Lunch date. Hopefully he'll keep sharing things (aloud) with me.


At one point I told him how he always reminded me to see the glass as half-full. He smiled and said, "It's a beautiful glass."


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