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"clothes "

I see clothes as art.

The way you dress your body is a choice. Like decorating your room. Or a canvas.

Your body is a canvas.

The body inherently is beautiful and needs no dressing. So if we DO make the choice to dress it, it mustbe for a purpose.



To blend in with your social situation/job.

To make an artistic statement.

To please your sense of touch.


I don't have prints of Norman Rockwell hanging on my walls and I donít have Nordstrom window dressing outfits in my closet.

I'm all about living consciously. Avoiding passive living.

Dressing boldly is just an obvious way to do that. It takes effort to avoid being passive...but looking "differently" is sometimes enough to help me think differently (even without a mac).

My hope is that other people have the same reaction. "hmmm...he seems to be having fun in fur. Why am I dressed this way without ever giving it much thought? Why do I do ____ without ever really questioning? Could I live more actively?Ē

It comes down to this:

I love theme parties. Why? Because if you are dressed up like a giant panda, it is near impossible to be a wallflower. And there is no reason to be a wallflower of life.

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