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"conflict "

(posted in a message board to try to put out flames)

Online communication is difficult. Without seeing someone's face or picking up on the hair bristling on their neck, it's hard to know how people are reacting to your comments.

You may think you are having a pleasant discourse, while they read your arguments as personal attacks.

The tough thing is not meeting conflict with aggression. It takes 2 to fight. One person ranting quickly looks stupid. It's when people start screaming back that the situation becomes depressing.

If someone hurts your feelings, say so. But don't lash back. That doesn't "equal things out" it just fans the flames.

If you feel you need to clarify yourself, Do. But try to avoid turning the dialogue into a fight.

Sometimes the situations that make us the most upset are the greatest opportunities for us to demonstrate compassion.

It's easy to love someone that is giving you a back massage. It's much tougher (but just as important) to love the person that's calling you names.

I guess what Iím saying is, whatever you do, don't let them drag you down into their muck.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but tainting me with negativity truly hurts me.

Easier said than done, I know.

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