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"baptism "

I baptized my cousin’s baby.

Well, first I asked if she was baptized. Then asked if she was going to be baptized.

I probably should have asked if it was okay…

But I kinda offered and then proceeded.

I’m ordained in the Universal Life Church, you see.

And the cutest little baby in the world was being cradled in the warm Jacuzzi water by my brother. The parents were on looking. It just felt like the right thing to do.

So I looked little Harper Lee in the face and said,

“The universe loves you.
God loves you.
You are perfect.
You will forever be in the universe’s care.”

And then a wet her forehead with the Jacuzzi water.

She smiled…in that way that only Babies can do…a smile so pure it seems to be channeling god’s pure light.

Pure love.

Its no wonder we fall in love with babies so easily.


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