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CitizenX is a community built on love and respect. We encourage virtual hugs. As the site grew, I invited some of the active members to be “Ambassadors” who would role model ideal community behavior and help new members find their way.

We have surprisingly few troublemakers, but just in case, the Ambassadors have the ability to boot people from the site for 24 hours.

This week, a certain citizen was being extremely mean to fellow Citizens. Harsh personal attacks left many people shaken. A number of people turned off their cams after being so hurt by the attacks of Citizen “pricklayer.”

Unfortunately, he also found a way around the boot system, so the community and Ambassadors had no defense (besides ignoring). More and more people were having their days tainted by contact with pricklayer’s negativity.

I didn’t know what to do.

So last night, I posted the following message on the CitizenX HomePage:

"If you see Citizen "pricklayer" online, give him a ((hug)). He is having self esteem issues and is expressing them in unhealthy ways."


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