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"structure "

I think I need more structure. I continually fall into a molasses trap of online distraction. Email, favorite sites, random surfing, etc. (Sure, porn is in there somewhere, but far less than you’d think. I’m a right hander exclusively. I work the mouse with my right…I work the snake with my right….there is very little room for compromise. Page turning or Remote control wielding, however, I can do with my left.)

There is always someone saying hello or news to be read. Always.

So I need more structure to make sure I get stuff done.

I need to set up office hours. Or “no-email” times.

I mean, while writing the above paragraph, looked to see if I had new email TWICE.

I’m like some addicted lab monkey: sad and fascinating …and constantly touching his genitals.

Okay first addition to my personal schedule (and you’re invited):

"Lunch Links” 11:00 – 11:30 am chat weekdays in CitizenX's Topic Lounge.

Casual discussion about the “frequent reads” links on (metafilter, favorite weblogs & diaries, plus *my* weblog) People can suggest other links for us to look at and discuss, too.


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