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"union "

I read versions of this at Heather & Derek's wedding and at Jim & Jen's wedding.


The universe gifts us with more blessings than we can ever understand.

It is one of the grand ironies of being human.

Such big brains, and so little comprehension of the gift of every moment.

But sometimes the universe makes it very easy for us.

Sometimes we have experiences that transcend the circumstances of our daily lives and help us feel the gift of existence itself.

-Like when the sun sets so beautifully that the world starts and ends in that moment.

-Like when we glimpse into a babies eyes and are reminded of a truth we always knew.

-Like when a dormant branch buds its perfect green leaves - teaching us its eternal cycle of spring renewal.

Or like when two beautiful, loving souls find one another, let their love blossom, and form a union of their lives.

This love is a gift from the universe. It is a gift to the universe.

The universe itself is made warmer and more loving by the path they walk together.

We are all blessed to be here…but the gift of this love doesn’t end at these walls or in the memories of the people here.

Like that perfect sunset casting brilliant color across the horizon, their loving union casts love across all our lives--- reminding us of what this journey is all about.

On behalf of the universe, I want to say THANK YOU...May your love forever shine.


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