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Ode to Dragon Boy

(Happy Birthday to my Brother)

Hot damn! Itís your birthday!

Jimmyís birthday.




Another year of you!

Every year you grow more conscious.

Every year you make me more proud.

And thankful.

Iím thankful for the laughter you pull from me. Nothing makes me laugh more joyfully than with you.

Iím thankful for your quest.

Your stretching. Your Millman books. Your herbs.

Your bloody cupping hickie adventure. Your writing about it all.

You show a dedication that I admire.

Itís why I never really worry about you.

I know youíll be ok.

I know youíll continue becoming the amazing person you are.

And I know that every year that you dedicate to becoming that amazing person, the better off the planet is.

And Iím thankful for that, too.

So your birthday is a celebration for me, especially. Itís like my very own Thanskgiving.

With cake instead of turkey.


This year is a special one. Itís the year you start your own nest.

Iím so nervous and excited for you.

You are living life as an ďadventure,Ē as Grandpa would say.

It is so amazing to see that you have found your adventure partner in Jen.

Iím thankful for you introducing her into my world.

Sheís an awesome sister.

And Iím thankful for who you two are together. I feel so lucky to have been able to share this space with you over the last year. I know my future partner will benefit from what Iíve learned from the two of you.

And when the time comes and I meet someone as special to me as Jen is to you, I hope you donít mind if I use the ďTick in my assĒ wedding proposal idea. I know the idea was originally for you, but since you didnít use, I donít want it to go to waste, ya know?


I love you so so much.

I am thankful for the past year with you. And so excited to see where your 32nd year will take you. Itís definitely starting with some mind-blowing momentum.

Happy Birthday.



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