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"dance "

I love the things we do that have no explanation.

Why do people dance?

Why does dancing bring joy, inherently, in humans?

Sure, we can wrap in up in protocol and social pressures and take the joy out of it. But it is deep down *good*.

From the tribesman bouncing to clacking sticks to the pantaloon wearing bloke skipping to a lute to the dreadlocked candy raver shaking his glow stick at a speaker.

Why do we dance?

I know why we have sex. The joy from sex has an obvious biological explanation.

(I still believe that sex is inherently divine…but the argument isn’t nearly as clear.)

I was reminded of this when I watched the Matrix Reloaded.

Some people have ridiculed the scene where the residents of Zion dance their asses off as the robots approach.

I loved it. I loved that the distinction between the machines and humans was not reproduction, not self preservation, not even anything biological…

What makes us human is that we dance.


I used to go dancing every week until my favorite place closed. I considered it church. I just realized that my drastic drop in dancing over the last year occurred at the same time as my drastic drop in mood.

I think I need to find a new place of worship.


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