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"bath "

A very sexy friend of mine is dealing with the grief of a breakup. Since I was dealing with the same issues, her suggestion of being “commiserating cuddle buddies” sounded pretty damn good.

She asked if I would come over Wed night.

When I showed up, she was in an oriental robe. “Mind keeping me company while I take a bath?”

The house was dark except for candles around the tub. I sat on a towel on the bathroom floor as she groomed in a blanket of bubbles.

We talked mostly about her ex.

She was confused and distraught.

When I offered to scrub her back she said, “No, it would make me sad…My ex used to do that.”

Minutes later, the house was rattling with a banging on the door.




She was naked and in the bath.

I was there, sitting on the bathroom floor, in the candle light.

Her raging ex was 20 feet away and banging on the door.

“Did you park next to me!?”



The thought never occurred to me to be secretive about my visit. I don’t really know how to be sneaky. I live in a webcam house! There is no room for bullshit in my life.


“I’m scared,” she said with panic in her eyes, “ He has a violent side.”

I found out later he was also a martial arts expert.

Whoa. I had fallen into the middle of a horror/suspense movie. Or an episode of cops.

“Would he beat me up” I asked.

Her pause made it clear that I should be scared, too.

What a terrible place to be.

Hiding on the bathroom floor. Lights out. Afraid to move. Not wanting him to hear that I’m in here. Feeling scared. And embarrassed. And powerless.

If this were a comedy, it would be the moment the pathetic nice-guy character pees his pants to the derision of all around him. Asserting that, however nice, he is less of a man than the Bogart/Gable/James Dean character.

I wanted to go home.

But I was afraid to move.

I was even afraid to go pee because I didn’t want him to hear I was there.

Eventually he left.

But I was rattled. And humiliated. And emasculated.

And more than a bit bewildered about how my life got so out of whack so quickly.


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