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"lost "

I donít feel social.

I donít feel like doing much of anything.

Its not quite a funkÖbut certainly not fun.

I shouldnít fight it, I guess.

Iíll just focus on riding it out. Letting it happen.

Occasionally I get the urge to start beating myself up. ďYouíve wasted this weekend! What is wrong with you!?Ē

But so far Iíve been able to pull out before the downward spiral begins.

Itís an odd feeling.

I had a fairly quiet lunch with my parents today. I told them without self pity, ďIíve been feeling lost lately.Ē There was a pause. And somehow it felt good. They didnít try to find out what was wrong. Or give me reasons for my feelings. They just allowed me the feeling.

I should allow it of myself.

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