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"should "

For some reason, I have been sliding into a funk. Fast.

I should be more flexible with new roommates, moving things around, clutter, etc.

I should be excited about the possibilities for CitizenX.

I should be more productive with my time.

I should stop stressing about money (for CitizenX *and* for myself.)

I should be writing more.

I should be exercising.

I should be meditating.

I should not have just picked at my face.

I should be grateful for the ample blessings I *do* have.

I should have sent out my press kit to more people.

I should shit or get off the pot.

I should spend more time with friends.

I should fight less with my girlfriend.

I should floss.

I should be easier on myself.

I should expect more of myself.

I should believe in myself.

I should be less attached to my current patterns.

I should be less eager to give up.

I should learn to type.

I should turn this frown upside down.

I should let go.

I should drink more water.

I should backup my data.

I should remember people’s names.

I should stop “shoulding” myself into paralysis.


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