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Tonight’s radio show was a hoot.

I should probably stop calling it a radio show.

I’ve been doing my weekly show for well over a year.

But it’s really not a radio show at all.

More of an online fireside chat.

Or an interactive, unscripted monologue.

It is a live webcam show (with audio) filmed in front of a live, webcam audience.

The audience can hear and see me live. I can see them and see what they are chatting about live.

Actually, they hear my voice about 20 seconds afterwards…so I will say something, or play music, and see people’s reactions 20 seconds later. The delay can be odd: Very “caught-in-a-time-warp” feeling. Seeing people react to something said a minute before is occasionally very disorienting.

Tonight the Naked Wednesday vibe was really strong. The idea is that I do the show naked but have the cam situated so its not explicit. I invite all show participants to strip down with me. (Oddly, due to weather, I was wearing pants for the first time in ages.)

There were 4 topless women in the audience.

I became totally distracted! I was trying to focus on the radio performance, and there are sexy topless girls in the front row. I think mid-show I admitted to a “crotch-full of distraction.”

Reread that last paragraph. That is describing an INTERNET experience.

Wow. Digital Intimacy, baby. I fear I am becoming a cyborg from within. Not some metallic robot parts attached to my human frame…..but my organs are beginning to respond to electronic stimulus.

In a few months, my belly button will be Ethernet cable or firewire compatible. I’ll upload my thoughts without typing…and download porn directly to my loins. (The show format, hopefully, will stay the same.)


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