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"remember "

Sometimes I don’t remember meeting people. “We met at Bubba’s party…remember?”
Often I don’t.

I think because I wear funny clothes and hairdo’s, people I don’t remember often remember me.

I felt bad about that for years.

Then I thought about my interactions.

During the time I met that person, our connection was real. My expressions were genuine. Our hug was authentic.

I may not have the time or resources to maintain a traditional friendship with a person, but that doesn’t mean that a moment’s embrace isn’t priceless and real. In that moment, I give you 100% and take 100% of you.

To me, a hug is a (very brief) dialog. It is a wordless connection. It is as much "Namaste" prayer as it is greeting. An embrace, even for a moment, can be a far more real connection than an hour spent discussing the world at a cocktail party. Facts and knowledge may or may not be real, but connecting with another piece of the cosmic miracle is.

So, regardless of what memory I have of our interaction, it is real. It is heartfelt. For that moment, we were expressing love. Nothing that happens before or after can alter than.


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