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Spring is my favorite season.

Even plants and trees that I don’t notice the rest of the year dazzle me with their Kermit-colored infant leaves. I went to my parents’ house yesterday and saw that the wisteria vine I planted years ago is blooming -- huge, draping, purple and fragrant. And the gnarled brown sticks of grape vine have rebelled against last fall’s pruning. Tiny perfect leaves have begun to break from the dead-looking stalks; transforming the twisted sticks into an emerald waterfall cascading towards the sun.

At the RealHouse, my daffodils are blooming, and the rose bush I planted for MissM is filling out with rich, dark green leaves. The petunias’ velvet purple have all but engulfed the walkway. The daffodils smile at our window like yellow faces filled with joy.

The gladiolas have tried to assume dominance by quickly growing to 18 inches, but they’ll be double that size before they bloom. Until that time, they’ll have to be satisfied being the towering supporting cast to the purple lobelia and neon orange marigolds.

Today I’ll plant some pansies that MissM picked out, and some tomato seedlings.

And I’ll be interviewed by MTV as they follow around me and my housemates for the next few days.

Maybe I’ll pitch to them a Rock-n-Roll Gardening show, complete with fast editing and techno music.

Maybe I’ll hint to them that a green thumb is just what “Total Request Live” needs.

Maybe I’ll pummel them with shrubbery for showing so few videos nowadays.

Maybe I’ll force them to tape my rantings about how Prince and the New Power Generation are responsible for the California energy crisis.

I’ll probably just try to relax and be myself. The show will air in May. (So whatever happens, I have 2 months before I have to face the consequences…or flee to Mexico).

The roses should be blooming by May.


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