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Psyche emailed me long ago with the question:

tell me one thing you love about yourself.

Today she emailed me back my response. How cool is that!? Months ago I said:
I love my cheekbones. They represent the adult me, surfacing from my pudgy-cheeked pain of youth.

In response to my comment, someone anonymously posted:

so, in other words, every time you look at your face in the mirror, your cheekbones remind you that you are thin now, and better for it?

I felt the need to respond:

The change in my physical appearance is *symbolic* of the internal changes.

My cheekbones emerged from my pudgy cheeks just as I was emerging from my adolescent insecurity.

I am better because I am more ME...not because I am thinner. I was in far better shape when I was a high school wrestler...but I still had full cheeks.

Be careful not to project your judgements (or fear of judements) on other people's words and thoughts. Often the world will love you if you let it.


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