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It’s been challenging reading the negative remarks on the cockybastard message boards.

The easy thing to do is say, “what-ever,” and disregard all the comments as jealous attacks or the ravings of anti-social lunatics.

But that is unfair and untrue.

Going the opposite route, and taking all the comments to heart, is the wrong solution, too.

I feel a hotness in my throat and want to defend myself to every negative post.

“Me? Greedy?! I make no money and write for free every week!?”

“Porn!? You think this is porn!? Geez, I need to loan you some video cassette!”

But I know that being defensive helps nothing and just adds fuel to the fire. Instead, I’m concentrating on reading and slowly digesting each person’s comments. After a waiting period (similar to a handgun), I’m deciding how much weight I want to give each message. Some are very insightful. Some are just mean.

Some are from people who have known me for years. Others are anonymous cheap shots.

There is a difference between someone trying to knock me down, and someone trying to give a suggestion from a place of love.

Unfortunately, both can sting at first glance. The hard part is facing the (sometimes painful) idea long enough to tell the difference.


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