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"wrapping "

I have a hard time with wrapping paper.

It seems so decadent.

To spend energy and expense to wrap something, just to have it be torn open seems unbearably wasteful.

If the goal is hiding the gift, then why not just put it in a bag?

All my gifts this year were either unwrapped, or in bags. Well, in one case it was wrapped up in crumpled newspaper…but I was in a bind.

I don’t know, maybe it says something about my fear of the transitory. Perhaps it is a reflection of my own fear of death. Why are we given a body, only so that it will eventually die and decompose?

Actually, I know the answer to that question…it’s all the fun stuff that happens in the middle.

Maybe that is the lesson of gift wrapping?

It gives us pleasure to rip off paper in an orgy of gift-lust. And that is reason enough.


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