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I don’t like to think there is a division between the people and the government, but sometimes they make it tough. Sometimes it seems like the bureaucracy works hard to maintain an “Us vs. Them” system.

What made me start whining about this, you ask? Read on

The street I live on is permit parking only.

Residents can get a permit by filling out some paperwork and sending in $14.

The paperwork includes drivers license info and proof of residency. My roommates and I have had our paperwork returned to us FOUR times. Apparently our papers are not in order. I had no idea paying for a permit was as difficult as getting out of Berlin in the 60’s.

During the time we have been waiting for our permits to be processed, we have received 8 tickets between us. Some for parking in front of our own house. Some for parking on a gravel covered parking space that the city decided was not an “official” parking space.

We have 7 people living here. The bureaucracy has decided that we are not allowed to park on the street or on our property. So we continue to be ticketed while they reject our requests for permits.

I have no problem paying my taxes. But these tickets leave a bad taste in my mouth. It feels like we’re being harassed by some crazed meter maid. Is the only solution to move to a different part of town? A magical land where street parking is free and the rivers flow with chocolate milk?

Does such a land exists!? Or do I need to start including “city parking extortion” in my monthly budget?

Maybe if we included some loose cash in our permit application as a bribe, we would get this all cleared up quicker.



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