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"Rob "

My cousin is days away from having her baby. I sent this email to her partner, Rob.

They are the absolute coolest. Rob met my brother and I at Burning Man this year. He plans on bringing the baby in a motor home to the desert next year.


I figure I won't be able to swear once the baby is I wanted to get that all out of the way.

Quick note to say I love all three of you and you're all in my thoughts.




The little one will be swearing like a sailor in no time, I'm sure. Soon (any day now) you will be able to hug the newest member of the Caleb & Carol line. In person. Do you have a preferred method of notification?

We appreciate your good vibes; you are always on our collective mind you know. We love following you, Jim, and D on your respective adventures.

Keep up the good work.

Funny you should write today. We got our Burning Man Tix in the mail this afternoon! I think this year's theme will fit quite nicely with a new baby and family perspective. Growth and Enlightenment in the Desert. What a gift for my child to experience such a wave of love, energy, and creative goodwill in its first months of life. We cannot wait.

Tracy sends her love and a big hug back.



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