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My logical brain can make me distrust my heart. The heart wants to believe anything is possible. And my brain won't let it. Some things are just too ludicrous.

Some things are just too irrational.

Or are they?

8 years ago I had a dream of having job where I did nothing but tell silly stories. There must be 5 guys in the world who make a living doing that.

But the thought of making a living as a writer seemed insane. The odds were so against me that I put the idea out of my head and concentrated on other, more realistic, pursuits.

Now I am very close to that "impossible" dream.

So why do I still let my brain win sometimes? Why do I still hear the voice that says, "This is impossible" ?

I don't know.

But I've learned to trust that logical voice. It's the same voice that says don't jump off a tall building. The voice is there to protect me.

Isn't it?

The brain vs. heart battle rages on.

March 22, 2000


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