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"craving "

I'm feeling lonely. Craving intimacy.

Craving cuddling on the couch and sweat-drenched flesh pumping.

Plus everything in-between.

I think it's affecting my mood.

I just have that feeling of *longing*

It's weird. I'm not really sure what to do about it.

When I want to get in better shape, I exercise more.

When I want to earn more money, I work more.

But when I want to spend time in a woman's embrace, I don't know how to achieve that.

I don't have a little black book of phone numbers.

Should I get drunk and hit on girls at a bar? I've not been very successful in the past.

Should I hang out in the grocery store and compliment women's' melons?

I almost feel like the small male bull seal: Despite his innate desires to pro-create, Darwinian circumstance makes that impossible.

july 01, 2000


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