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Someone started a thread on an Adult Webmaster message board titled, “Halcyon, what is your Religion?”
He asked about what church I was ordained in.
I wasn’t sure why he asked. So I replied,

"I am ordained in the Universal Life Church.

And, yes, they will ordain anyone.

It is a real ordination. I have performed marriages in Nevada and California. More and more I find that people want to have a spiritual element to their ceremony, but feel no connection to the church.

I consider myself extremely spiritual although I do not adhere to any particular faith. I beleive what Gandhi wrote, "All Religions are True."

Of course, most institutions are corrupt.”

He asked if he could contact me privately.
Of course!

He was an 18 year old who was taking his first steps as a seeker.
He asked me for book recommendations.

I said, Sidhartha, Power of Now, Tao of Pooh, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Celestine Prophesy.

What would you suggest someone who was fed up with the religion he was raised, but feels spiritual?

He said he wanted my suggestions because he saw me as "someone who can be spiritual but open about everything." I was honored that he asked me.


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