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"grace "

I have 2 speaking parts in B & G's wedding today. I wrote a blessing, and am giving grace before the meal.

Marriage is much more than the commitment between two people.
It is the coming together of two worlds.
The delicate intertwining of beliefs, values, perspectives, and family.

But lets be frank…The intertwining of two lives is a massive and complex undertaking.
Quite honestly, It is nearly impossible.

You can’t think your way through it.
You can’t figure it out with calculators, computers, or spreadsheets.

In order to marry two lives together, you need a miracle.

And luckily for all of us, Ben and Grace are overflowing in the greatest miracle of all…love.

In fact, What ties all of US here together is we all have been blessed to experience the love that surrounds them and flows between them.

It’s special.

Grace is an amazing human being and we are so lucky to know her.
Ben is an amazing human being, too.

But ‘Ben and Grace’ are something else entirely.

Ben and Grace are the kind of living miracle that helps us understand what true love is.
And Their loving connection transfers over to our lives.
We are given faith in the power of love. We are strengthened in our pursuit of living more loving lives.
And as we watch their lives intertwine, we are reminded that those little details- on the spreadsheets of life- are irrelevant, when you are living in a miracle.

We take a moment to reflect on the blessings in our lives.
From the food that nourishes our body.
To the relationships that nourish our soul.

We take a moment to think of the amazing gathering of friends and family who are here physically
And the loved ones who are far away.

We take just a moment to bask in the love in our lives, marvel at the miracles that surround us, and strive to be see the gift in every moment.



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