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"chaos "

The natural law is change.


We humans with our big brains and our tools…we think we can stop the flow of chaos.

We can stop the cliffs from eroding. We can keep wild animals from eating us in the night.

And sometimes we do. And our wack belief system is bolstered.

We see the world more and more as a black and white place where x action = y response.

The sun will rise tomorrow. The milk I bought at market will last 3 weeks in my fridge. Fall will bring new episodes of our favorite shows.

We see the civilized world as a place that is logical and linear and not governed by the chaos that rules the jungles, sea, and tundra.

But once in a while we are reminded. That we are a part of this violent world, too.

This week a lightning bolt takes away our protective armor of electricity.

Meanwhile the heat kills 3000 humans in France.

Meanwhile people kill each other world wide.

We convince ourselves that we know what tomorrow will bring. But the natural order would argue that it is ALWAYS an unknown.

I find some comfort in that. It helps remind me that every day is a gift.


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