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"valiant "

I sat down to write and realized Iíve never done anything valiant in the name of love. Iíve never quit my job or moved across country or tattooed a name.

Iíve never rode up on a white horse or rescued someone from a castle tower.

All I could think of was a few trips to pick up people from the airport during rush hour.

I started to feel really selfish.

What *have* I done for love?

I sulked at my computer.

Then, I got an instant message from someone enjoying the sense of community at (the webcam community I ran).

ďYou know what's cool about this moment? the stupid stuff that separates us -- your bleeding heart liberal causes, my born-again perspective -- the shit don't matter. maybe I'm starting to trip to your vibe. You make it easy to *love*, john.Ē

And *that* made me feel pretty damn good.

And I was reminded that I do a lot for love.

I *express* a lot of love.

I really focus on trying to put as much love into the world as possible.

I realized about 5 years ago that love was not a limited resource.

That I didnít have to be guarded with who I gave love to.

It never runs out.

And the more I express, the more I am capable of.

I realized that, in fact, Iíve dedicated a lot of my life to pushing the ability of the web to express love. Those were definitely done for love.

Iíve been feeling like these projects were a failure recently. But perhaps what Iíve been working for is exactly what that instant message said: I made it easier for him to love.

Perhaps Iíve done something valiant after all.

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