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Some people have wondered at the hypocrisy of someone intending to be a “life student” while remaining immersed in a world of pornography.

I think this attitude is dependent on the premise that porn is exploitive and immoral. But I think one could make the case that *all* industries are exploitive and immoral. Sure there are just people out there…but as industries, aren’t they all questionable?

Capitalism is wonderful in many ways, but it does encourage exploitation. Pornography just puts the exploited people right out there where you can see them. If your brand name shirt had a picture of a third world child laborer on it instead of a logo, the parallel would be easier to see.

Just because it is sex, doesn’t mean it is bad. There are many wonderful people involved in pornography. There are many wonderful people involved with in the restaurant business. And the textile business. And the software business. And the publishing business. And the spirituality business. Etc. Etc.

There are also lots of people being stomped and screwed and abused in ALL of those industries. A young woman who stars in an adult movie *knows* she is going to be screwed when she signs the contract and release forms. In other industries, the screwing is less overt.

So I think a better question would be, “Can one be a life student while being immersed in the inherently exploitive commerce system of the modern world?”

I honestly don’t know. Finding that out is part of what being a life student is all about.


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