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"kaya "

I found a message I wrote to my brother before he left for South America years ago. I feel the same way now, as he explores more of our planet.


You are amazing.

Your actions teach and inspire.

Your words sooth and educate.

You keep me in check.

You accept others.

You donít accept your own (minor) shortcomings.

I admire your commitment to the pursuit of personal growth.

I admire how much youíve already grown.

You are the funniest motherfucker on the planet.

Even when you become ďdragon boy.Ē

Especially when you become dragon boy.

You cause smiles.

You brighten days.

You brighten lives.

I beam when I tell stories about you.

I swell with pride when I introduce you as my brother.

Iíll miss you terribly.

Iím so glad youíre going.

I hope your journey is filled with wonder.

And learning.

And opening up.

And laughter.

And some tears.

You fill my world with positive energy every day.

Itís only fair you share yourself with the world.

I love you.

And will be with you every day.


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