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"Alex Grey "

(letter to Alex Grey)

*after an invite to Globalgasm*

I am an infant in the study of consciousness.

I don't understand entirely my motivations for trying to spread love, but I

feel somehow it is my role as a human.

Just as a jellyfish floats and a bee spreads pollen.

My current role in this cosmic cycle is to help harness the spiritual /love

potential of a digitally connected world. It has been more sexual lately

because I think people are more open to the mystical nature of their sex

than to their heads. But that focus may change.

I feel like I only know the direction, but you know the destination.

I have a feeling that my "globalgasm" idea may seem crass to you. Perhaps I

should be a more dedicated spiritual student before I attempt to be a

teacher. But I don't think I'm teaching. Just trying to prepare a room for

the class.

I see your work as a sacred text for things indescribable with words. A

wordless textbook.

As a life student, I think my role is to help other people to go back to


By sharing my seeker's path with honesty, I hope I can help other people

become seekers.

Perhaps I can be a bridge. A middle step between watching professional

sports and opening your third eye.

Hopefully some of those people will graduate from the “intro to spirituality” course and become true students of life and love. And maybe a few will even take advanced coursework and begin to share the visionary perspectives that you hold.

Perhaps someday I will, as well.

I just wanted to say thank you. Truly.

Thank you for sharing your vision and inspiring me so deeply.

-John Halcyon Styn


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