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So, officially, globalgasm is the first 24 hours of every month. But any sex energy generated during the first 24 hours can be contributed into the pot.

The “official” gathering takes place at 8pm Pacific. But just in case you think the heat is isolated to that time, let me tell you how my first few hours of the month went.


First I got a post in my weblog from someone I’d never met saying that they planned on participating.

This is so cool to me.

I extended an open-armed invitation to the world to participate and “have sex” together. A stranger accepts.

I see her picture with her post. I follow a link to her journal and read about her and her life.

In minutes I *feel* another person out there with warmth and compassion -- Another loving soul to share this crazy life journey with. And because we both (and hundreds others) will it so, we will share an intimate part of ourselves with one another -- Making us bonded as lovers and fellow warriors of light.

But that was just the start.


Next I caught a VERY hot couple getting frisky on webcam. They were playful and giggling. Responding to IMs in between semi-clothed groping.


When their cam turned off, I joined a busy chat room that was listening to Citizen Infamous and Celeste were broadcasting the live sounds of their lovemaking. UNBELIVEABLY sexy. The whole chatroom was steamy and many people stripped down to better enjoy the audio sharing.

The couple’s heat was felt by people world wide. The globalgasm momentum was gaining!


Then, all hot and bothered by the sex sounds, I decided to let my inner exhibitionist out.

I put on a mask and did an erotic dance. Using a set and lighting to make a performace out of it.

All while dancing to the same streaming radio that the entire chatroom was listening to. (DJ’d by the post-coital Infamous.) While I danced I had computer screens up of two women (who were also watching me dance) rubbing their breasts and teasing each other.


Amazing. I had interacted quite intimately with a dozen or so people…without physically touching anyone but myself.

Around 4 in the morning I went to bed -- Smiling and looking forward to tonight’s gathering.


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