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"squash "

I find myself craving zucchini.

Not to eat. Not to cook with. Not even for some depraved purpose best left to fetish web sites.

No, I want a zucchini *plant.*

(plants, plural, actually…I think they need 2 or more to bear fruit.)

I went to buy some zucchini plants a few weeks back and came home with cucumbers. Just as I found a 6 pack of the little squash I was looking for, I heard an elderly lady asking an orange-bibbed Depot employee if there were no more zucchini. I gave her the last ones in my hand.

Now, I like the taste of cucumbers better. And their texture makes them much better suited for any fetish needs. But the zucchini plant is tough to beat in the garden.

Huge yellow-orange flowers. Strong stems and stalks. Massive, deep-green leaves. Heavy, phallic fruit. There is something so lush and fertile about a zucchini plant.

So, do I see what magic will grow from my baby cucumber plants? Or shall I rush to Home Depot for some squash seedlings? Perhaps I will simply prepare another area of soil and do both. The truth is, besides watering, the universe does most the work.


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