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My friends constantly amaze me.

Last night I went to a party at Jeremy’s restaurant to celebrate Tawni’s graduation from Architecture school while Kip and Evan and spun music.

Today Tim was featured on the news. He is successfully fighting to have a ban on skateboarding removed. He got a ticket for riding a skateboard on the street while on his way to city hall (while wearing a suit!). So he has convinced city officials that boarding is a legitimate and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Tonight Evan and his crew threw a quarterly event called’ “Project cathedral” Interactive Art, dance, & music. Half the attendees of the Playa-flavored event while I was there were children. What a great vibe to aspire to…one of creation and art where children and adults overlap.

I drove home with the sounds of children laughing still in my head. Filled with the knowledge that friend is changing the world. And the awareness that I am a part of a community of loving seekers.


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