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"Moulin "

Its odd the effect that the "Moulin Rouge" love songs have on me.

Combining the loss of old dreams and the hope of just-forming ones.

A swirling of all that is blissful about love.

And all the sorrow that love inevitably brings.

The joyous dance of a love-filled life.

The risks, the pain, the lows.

The triumphs, the timeless euphoria, the universal connection.

All that is good and tragic.

All that makes the journey worth taking.

How can something so silly be so profound?

But I think the only way to find that answer is to keep laughing and dancing

and turning ourselves inside out.

"How wonderful life is now that you're in the world."

It makes me think about ALL love. Romantic, familial, the love I feel towards digital lovers, love towards strangers.

I feel like I can see love swirling around me like a mist. But less wet. More like an aura river.

"We could be heroes..."


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