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"sex "

“Hey, want to go to sex party at a mansion?”

I wish every evening could start with a question like that.

Luckily, Saturday did.

We were to park in a strip mall parking lot and wait for a shuttle to take us up to the mansion. In our group was 3 sexy women and 2 men.

The air in the car was remarkably free of anxiousness.

“I love adventures,” Sandra said with a smile that makes you tingle in special places.

The mansion was sparsely furnished, but amazing. Tennis courts. Guest House. Rooms and rooms and rooms. A large Jacuzzi was the focal point of the immense outdoor patio. There were handful of sexy people, but the vibe was NOT what I expected. People sitting around, fully clothed, sipping cocktails.

Then I saw a banner suspended from the gazebo: “”


This is a “” party. NOT a sex party.

There *is* a difference. This was party to exchange business cards, not body fluids.

For those of you not up on your internet history: the domain “” has a story.

It was registered MANY years ago but nothing went up on the site. At some point, a scammer using forged documents, had the domain transferred to him. This type of theft is often called “domain hijacking.”

The original owner spent years trying to get the domain back. Meanwhile, the thief was making 10’s of millions. This year, the lawsuit came to an end. The original owner was given the domain back AND awarded the estate of the thief.

So the thief skipped town. He left the country with all the money, cars and possessions he could move. All that was left was a few mansions.

That certainly explained the amazing house with no furniture in it. And no sex.


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