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"soak II "

I had another soak with Grandpa.

Hes so damn cool.

A full head of powder white hair tops his aged body.

Ninety years have decorated his skin with history.

Spots decorate him like lichen on an ancient boulder.

Long scars run down his torso and leg.

I think he's held together with love.

When he was young he was a charismatic preacher.

A rock of faith.

He traveled the world and spread gospel for years.

But his years of study have not sharpened his arguments.

Instead they have mellowed his edges.

He is a living river rock. Softened by years of observation.

Time has worn down the quirks of a specific belief system until only fundamental truths are left.

-Love is good.

-All humans are connected.

-Family is important.

-Spirit is real.

-Intention (prayer) works.

His beliefs have evolved over time. I told him that I doubt I would have enjoyed one of his Baptist sermons of 40 years ago, but I find truth in almost everything he says now.

He laughed and said, Im still learning every day.

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