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"SXSW 1 "

I love the SXSW yearly gathering. Yes, it is a conference, but it doesn’t have the corporate taint that I’ve experienced at other convention center thangs. Its more like summer camp…without the hickies.

Venders and “solution providers” do not pollute the air with neon displays and loud promises of revolutionary products.

Perhaps its because their efforts would be wasted. Who would buy their wares? Most the people I talked to at SXSW were broke.

I kinda liked that.

It certainly made me feel better about my own poverty. And I saw how many people out there were charging after dreams. Saw so many peers with eyes of wonder.

An artist creates art. A merchant sells product.

Ideally, a person can find a balance somewhere in the middle so that they can afford to buy food and beer.

But there is no shame is being an unsuccessful merchant. The only shame is loosing sight of the art.

SXSW is packed with people who live a life in pursuit of art.

They may not even see what they do as art. They are simply people driven to create. To experiment. To push limits and try new things.


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