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"SXSW inspiration "

I was so inspired by my peers at SXSW.

Inspired by their ideas. By their passion. By the shining souls that beam from beneath their geek glory…

Ben Brown traverses worlds: Digital and Atom. Super hero and mundane.

Justin Hall is one of my inspirations in the art of turning yourself inside-out online. His eyes of wonder are infectious.

When Mark Meadows and I first met, he was wearing black leather chaps. I was wearing white leather chaps. But we are far from opposites.

Jeffrey Zeldman is full of warmth. He glows more than ever.

Carrie is a joy. And damn proud to be a Librarian.

Joshua Davis is an artist and man of smiles. His works are divine digital seeds…so much more than Flashtubation.

Heather Champ asks the world to hold up a mirror to themselves. But she reflects so much of her deep beauty that she brightens us all.

Derek smiles and a community of sunbeams gathers round.

Matt Haughy sees it all so simply.

“Rusty” made a site called “Corrosion.” He spelled it and it took me 2 years to get the brilliance. His “Media Whore” t-shirts topped the schwag pile.

Brad makes every room a bit more funny and fabulous.

Dana Robinson knows how to build community and when to bite her tongue.

Maggie is spunky in a bottle. And a giggle provocateur.

Jeff Veen has huge presence and a tiny laptop. While I drooled over his wireless connection mid-hallway, he commented, “Wanna know what’s *really* cool? I just printed a flyer at Kinkos.”

Steve Champion knows everything. Luckily he shares knowledge and hugs with equal passion.

Anil is an Indian Superhero.

Dinah is gonna walk every street of San Francisco. I can’t think of a better ambassador.

Jish makes me happy. He told me he found out about Blogger by following the “powered by Blogger” button on my site. I maintain I am NOT responsible.

For some reason I just wanted to Hug Cam repeatedly. Online he seems so smart and no-nonsense. But he oozes cuddles.

Ev makes a smurfy tool. And the world is smurfier because of it.

There are simply too many wonderful people. I felt like I could have had another 3 weeks of conversations and still not had time to speak with all the miraculous folks.

Ernie, Wes, Cory, Jon, Jon, Rebecca, Jesse, pb, Meg, Caleb, Jason, Kevin, Allison, so many stars…

My thanks to all those named here and those who I’ve rudely left out. You all touched me. My head is still swimming in bliss.


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