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"roomate "

My girlfriend got her own place today. A place off camÖ and with fewer roommates.

Weíre still together. Weíre fine.

But she needed to get out of TheRealHouse.

And I wasnít ready.

Sometimes Iím not the most supportive boyfriend.

Some might even say Iím selfish.

I think Iím a very loving person.

But sometimes Iím not good about making sacrifices for people I care about.

So I dragged my feet about leaving TheRealHouse.

Then I complained about apartment hunting.

I even made my girlfriend feel like I didnít want to move and I was only doing it for her.

(Which isnít true. I know I need to moveÖbut Iím scared and anxious and hell-bent on procrastinating.)

So she found a room available immediately on a month-by-month basis. Presumably, when I get over my demons, weíll look for a place together.

This all made sense to me.

But now the reality kicks in.

The inevitable nights alone.

The guilt.

And the abrupt understanding of what I was taking for granted.

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