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Today I went to pick up grandpa from the hospital.

My grandpa isn’t sick, though. He needs rides to and from the hospital every day to visit my grandma.

My grandma is fighting Leukemia. The Doc gave her a 55% chance of leaving the hospital. But he’s a no bullshit kinda guy. This morning, on day 11 of her battle, he said to her, “Hmm, you look a lot better than I expected you would.”

Today she was hurting and asked me not to come up to her room. So I picked up grandpa from the curb.

They’ve been partners for infinity. These nights alone have probably been the first he’s had by himself since he was in his late teens.

So we cruised back to his retirement community to hang out and have a soak. Grandpa has had a daily sauna or Jacuzzi for decades. He believes in sweating out the impurities. It’s also a nice time to slow down and meditate/pray/center.

We talked about the family. About my grandma. About dying. We talked about greed. And spirit. And religious institutions.

When I was good and wrinkled, we got out of the Jacuzzi and dried off.

Grandpa stayed wrinkled.

I think we both felt better.


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