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"2001 "

Wow. What a year.

When 2001 was starting, it had a distinct sci-fi flavor.

It was one of those years with a literary taint.  Like 1984.  A year attached with artificial importance due to long-ago fictitious predictions.

We didn’t have any self aware computers gone haywire this year like Arthur C. Clark scribed.  But we had our share of world-shifting change.

I know it was a year for massive personal growth for me.

This year I…

Lived the entire year on webcam. Except for the occasional journey to the store or a night out dancing, every movement and word I uttered this year was broadcast via the net.  This has been an almost indescribable experience. My feelings of connectedness are intense.  My sense of “real” has shifted to include a multitude of online experiences.    I truly see the world differently than I did when 2001 began.   A friend emailed me last week and summed up what I feel about our new digital world: “The space between hearts is determined by words, not miles.” 

Been a part of numerous film/TV projects. An MTV documentary, a BBC documentary, a Details photo shoot, a Webbies “mockumentary,” and a USC film school documentary.

Extended my comfort zone to include “live appearances.” Including The Webbies, the SXSW award show, and television appearances on TechTV and Canada’s Talk TV.

Managed to jump up and down enough to get the attention of traditional media.  Like the Chicago Tribune,  New York Times, USA Today, the Austin Chronicle, etc.

Continued on my quest for “digital intimacy.”  Founded the Digital Intimacy Institute. Started Globalgasm and Hug Nation.   Celebrated the 1 year anniversary of my Radio show, Virtual Grace, and CitizenX.

Celebrated a year with MissM.  Bliss upon bliss upon bliss.

Had a score of adventures. Including a 4th year at Burning Man, a visit to the Porn Awards, and the Lifestyles Convention.


Learned about the potential for online compassion.  The “death” of Kaycee and the outpouring of love that followed was an incredible learning experience.  I had the same experience with darkness and light after 9-11.  Sure, there are wolves out there, but there are armies of lovers, too.

I am excited about sharing another year with you.  The planet’s momentum is pushing us towards more loving, more laughing, and more light.  Lets embrace our brilliance in 2002. Lets accept our roles as divine beings and honor the divine in others.

The connections between us grow stronger every day.

Much love to you in 2002,



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