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"placebo "

As I understand it, the last week of a birth controls pillís cycle is just sugar pills: Three weeks of chemicals, then 1 week without. But, they give you *something* to take during the off week so that you can maintain the scheduled habit of swallowing at a set time.

My girlfriend takes her Necon tablet every night before bed. Well, we both do, actually. You see, we recognize that even though she is the one who ingests the chemicals, it is obviously important to both of us.

So, just to make things fair, I take the sugar pills. Yup, 1 week a month, Its my turn to swallow.

The yellow ones are hers, the white ones are mine. Every night we try to remind each other, ďDid we take our pill?Ē

I think itís a good system. And as an added bonus, itís never a surprise when our PMS hits.

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