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"repressed "

Problem = Osama Bin Laden is sexually repressed.

The Taliban movement is a movement of religious-based sexual repression.

My god… I mean, they forbid women showing any skin WHATSOEVER for fear that it will tempt us men. That is repressed.

I don’t know how these people even summon enough sexual energy to ejaculate. How to they procreate?

It is amazing that a people so calloused to falling bombs are still deathly afraid of their own sexuality.

With repression that thick, sexuality is as dangerous as artillery.

Sounds like a good time for Globalgasm, eh?

I saw one website that suggested we bomb them with pornography. Blanket their cities with smut mags.

I like that. Fight ‘em from the inside.

Missionaries of perversity. Spreading “The Word of Crotch.”

Porn is bibles for your gonads.

It delivers salvation.

It preaches truth.

Could it be that BinLaden just needs to get laid? Sometimes the simplest answers are the truest.


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